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Whisper Who Dares

Whisper Who Dares (Audio CD)

Author: Terence Strong

Read by: Simon Mattacks

The British government is worried. Rumours have spread about a new monster in the armoury of the Irish terrorist movement: an utterly ruthless team of American special forces mercenaries. The top secret, top priority order goes out: Seek and Destroy ? No Matter Where. For the four-man Sabre team this will be their toughest ever assignment?probing the inner sanctum of the IRA?s terror machine, fighting in the bloody carnage and chaos of Ulster. Never before has so much been at stake. They encounter triumph and disaster ? and the cruellest twist of fate.

Full Product Description

Title Whisper Who Dares
Author Terence Strong
Narrator Simon Mattacks
Media Audio CD
Genre Mystery
ISBN 9781445070308
Published 01-10-2017
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