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Fathoms (Softcover)

Author: Rebecca Giggs


When writer Rebecca Giggs encountered a humpback whale stranded on her local beachfront in Australia, she began to wonder how the lives of whales shed light on the condition of our seas. FATHOMS blends natural history, philosophy and science to explore how whales experience ecological change, whether our connection to these storied animals can be transformed by technology, and what observing whales can teach us about the complexity, splendour, and fragility of life. We learn about whales so rare they have never been named, whale songs that sweep across hemispheres in annual waves of popularity, and whales that have modified the chemical composition of our planet's atmosphere. Incisive, provocative and timely, FATHOMS uses the tale of the whale to examine our own story and that of the health of the planet.

Full Product Description

Title Fathoms
Author Rebecca Giggs
Media Softcover
Genre Nature
ISBN 9781785418730
Published 01-12-2020
Stock In stock on 1st December 2020