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The Life Of Death

The Life Of Death (Audio CD)

Author: Lucy Booth

Read by: Cathleen McCarron

Elizabeth Murray has been condemned to burn at the stake when a strange man visits her. He offers her a deal: her soul in return for immortality. What he offers is not a normal life. To survive, Elizabeth must become Death. Elizabeth must ease the passing of all those who die, using her compassion to guide them. She accepts and, for 500 years, whirls from one death to the next. Until one day, everything changes. She - Death - falls in love. Desperate to escape from her deal, she summons the man who saved her. He agrees to release her on the condition that she gives him five lives. These five lives she must take herself.

Full Product Description

Title The Life Of Death
Author Lucy Booth
Narrator Cathleen McCarron
Media Audio CD
Genre General Fiction
ISBN 9781445083285
Published 01-07-2019
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