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Hullo Russia, Goodbye England

Hullo Russia, Goodbye England (MP3 CD)

Author: Derek Robinson

Read by: Nick McArdle

Having survived a double tour on Lancasters in WW2 (and won two DFCs), Flight Lieutenant Silk rejoins Bomber Command much later and qualifies to fly the Vulcan bomber. Welcoming him, the airbase commander says: "You have the best, and the worst, job in the world. You have the Vulcan, incomparably the finest bomber. That's the best bit. Your job is to fly to the Soviet Union and destroy cities. That's the worst bit. If Moscow decides to go berserk, Soviet bombers can attack us with nuclear weapons - enough to turn these islands into a smoking wasteland." Trouble ahead. And when the lovely Zoe brings politics to the party, the mixture is explosive.

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Title Hullo Russia, Goodbye England
Author Derek Robinson
Narrator Nick McArdle
Media MP3 CD
Genre War
ISBN 9781407915722
Published 01-03-2010
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