Wartime For The District Nurses

Wartime For The District Nurses (Hardcover)

Author: Annie Groves


Alice Lake and her friend Edith have had everything thrown at them in their first year as district nurses in London's East End. From babies born out of wedlock to battered wives, they've had plenty to keep them occupied. As rationing takes hold and Hitler's bombers train their sights on London, Edith tries to battle on bravely while bearing her own heartache, but there's no escaping the reality of being at war, or the new terror of the bombing raids. The girls find themselves caught up in the terrible aftermath, their nursing skills desperately needed by the shaken locals on their rounds. With the men away fighting for king and country, it's up to the nurses to keep up the spirit of the Blitz, and everyone is counting on them...

Part of the District Nurses series.

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Title Wartime For The District Nurses
Author Annie Groves
Media Hardcover
Genre Family Saga
ISBN 9780750548151
Published 01-07-2020
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