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Die A Little

Die A Little (Audio CD)

Author: Megan Abbott

Read by: Tara Ward

The only thing deadlier than a femme fatale...is two of them. Lora King's brother Bill, a junior investigator with the District Attorney's office, meets a woman by chance and quickly marries her. Alice Steele is a beautiful and charming Hollywood wardrobe assistant, and although everyone else is entranced by her, Lora becomes suspicious of the inconsistencies in the stories from Alice's past. Intrigued, Lora decides to do some investigating of her own and it's not long before she's sucked into Hollywood's seedy underbelly, where she uncovers a shadowy world of drugs, prostitution and murder - and the deeper she digs, the more her own life begins to resemble Alice's sinister past...and present.

Full Product Description

Title Die A Little
Author Megan Abbott
Narrator Tara Ward
Media Audio CD
Genre Mystery
ISBN 9781846525803
Published 01-12-2009
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